Audit and Assurance

At RASCO we recognise the added value an audit can bring to our clients.  We are also aware that assurance services may not primarily be considered as a service that “adds value”.  However, an audit, whilst a legal requirement in some circumstances, can bring with it added trust and confidence in the entity, and its financial statements. It can also add other intangible benefits including deterring fraud and providing comfort to external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers, and in the case of some charitable entities, the trust and confidence of the public.

We have a team of qualified Chartered Accountants and our Practice Audit Coordinator ensures that all staff involved in audit are fully trained and aware of their responsibilities, and hold regular internal briefing sessions to ensure the entire team are fully versed with changing standards and efficient testing procedures. A quality audit will always provide businesses and organizations with critical and key information along with the assurance that their financial statements are fairly presented. We believe that audit activity will enhance the level of financial reporting and improve the internal control system by highlighting deficiencies in organization system. The Organizations that successfully address the audit issues can improve the quality of their financial reporting model.

Range Of Audit And Assurance Services

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit and Risk Assurance
  • Forensic Audit
  • Special Audit
  • Cost Audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Review of Financial Statements
  • IFRS and International GAAP
  • Other Assurance Services
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