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About US

We are the firm of Chartered Accountants, providing services in field of Audit, Taxation, Advisory and Outsourcing. Whatever your industry, RASCO can provide you specialized financial guidance. As professional firm we value our clients and believe in building a relationship of confidence so we can provide the services as desired by our clients. Our in-depth knowledge and practical experience allows us to offer our clients a complete range of services. We offer stimulation and supervision, timely forecast, working with our clients to help them to achieve their ambitions.

Our Mission and Vision

To be the ‘most trusted and accessible’ firm of accountants, experts and tax advisers for successful entrepreneurs; where all our people are enthused and passionately share the same core values.

Core Values

What our client expects from us and what our core values:

  • We listen to our clients to fulfill their goals
  • We act with professionalism and integrity
  • We support our people to contribute; to mentor and be mentored; to welcome challenge; to be catalysts or simply roll up their sleeves and get involved. What matters most is to make every contribution count and act as team.
  • We don’t take on work we can’t do and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. If we say we’ll do something, we do it.  Simple as that.
  • The best answer is the simplest one that ‘works’. Our instinct is to avoid unnecessary complexity.  We don’t hide behind jargon; we talk to you with clarity and precision.
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