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Chartered Accountant firms, playing a pivotal role for organizations. Ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws is a paramount responsibility, as any lapses in compliance can result in substantial penalties and charges imposed by regulatory bodies. Consequently, organizations prioritize engaging a Chartered Accountant firm to expertly manage their taxation affairs. This comprehensive service encompasses tax planning and advisory, timely tax payments, adept handling of tax audits, and the meticulous filing of VAT, income tax, and withholding tax returns.

Utilizing digital technologies and tools, our remote audit support services empower us to effectively deliver the following:


Data entry and collection

Initial data entry and collection of financial information remotely by using secure digital platforms for clients to upload financial documents, and remotely accessing electronic records.

VAT and income tax return preparation

Preparation of tax returns and related schedules remotely by utilizing tax software for remote preparation and electronic filing.

Online filing with tax authorities

Preparing and submitting communications, filings, and reports electronically with tax authorities.

Tax audit support

Assistance in preparing for tax audits. Collaborating on the gathering and organization of documents, responding to audit queries, and participating in virtual audit meetings.

Client Consultation

Conducting client consultations, discussions, and advisory sessions through virtual meetings.

Tax Planning

Collaborating with clients to develop tax strategies and conducting planning sessions remotely.

Tax Compliance Reviews

Conducting compliance reviews through remote access to client systems and electronic records.

Document Management

Managing and archiving tax-related documents by utilizing secure digital platforms for document management and storage.

Training and education

Conducting training sessions and updates through virtual platforms.


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