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We being the Chartered and Certified Accountants are equipped with qualified and experienced staff capable of conducting statutory audits in full compliance with International Auditing and Assurance Standards issued by the IAASB (International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board).

Our remote audit support services leverage digital technologies and tools, enabling us to efficiently provide the following services:

Data gathering and documentation.

Initial data gathering, collecting supporting documents, and organizing financial information by remotely accessing and obtaining electronic records, utilizing secure cloud-based systems for document sharing, and conducting virtual meetings for data collection.

Tests of controls and substantive testing.

Utilization of electronic evidence and remote access to client systems for transaction testing.

Analytical procedures.

Remote execution of analytical procedures, including trend analysis and ratio analysis, using advanced data analytics tools.

Audit documentation preparation.

Creation of audit documentation, including audit programs and checklists, integrated into audit software.

Communication and coordination.

Conducting discussions, status updates, and coordination with client personnel through virtual communication channels.

Drafting and Reporting.

Preparing draft financial statements and draft auditors report, cover letter and letter of weaknesses


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