RGS – Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner.

Our engagement and pricing models for outsourcing are designed to offer maximum flexibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

We aim to make outsourcing a seamless and rewarding experience for your business, allowing you to leverage external expertise and resources without the financial burden.


Cost Savings up to 70%:
Our engagement and pricing model is structured to deliver exceptional cost savings, potentially reducing your existing human resource and admin expenses by up to 70%. RGS can help you achieve significant cost reductions without compromising quality.
No Upfront / Advance Payment:
We believe in making outsourcing accessible and hassle-free. That’s why we don’t require any advance payment to get started. You can initiate our services without any upfront or advance payment, allowing you to  realize the benefits of outsourcing immediately.
Monthly Billing at the End of Each Month:
Instead of dealing with complex invoicing structures or unpredictable payment schedules, you’ll receive a single, consolidated bill at the end of each month. This transparent billing process ensures clarity and predictability in your outsourcing expenses, making it easier to manage your budget effectively.
Flexible Contract Terms:
RGS offers flexibility with no long-term commitments. Whether you need our services for a short-term project or ongoing support, you have the freedom to engage with us on your terms. Scale your outsourcing arrangements according to your changing needs, without being bound by rigid contractual obligations.
No hidden Fee No Extra Charges:
Transparency is at the core of our pricing model. You can trust that the price you see is the price you’ll pay, ensuring transparency and fairness in our outsourcing partnership.


Each engagement model offers distinct advantages tailored to different business needs and preferences.

Whether you require flexibility, dedicated resources, or cost predictability, our range of engagement models ensures that you can find the right solution to meet your outsourcing requirements effectively.

Pay as You Go / Hourly Rate:

This engagement model is suitable for businesses with variable workloads or projects that require flexibility in terms of payment.

With this approach, you only pay for the actual hours worked by the outsourced team, providing cost-effectiveness and control over expenses.

It’s ideal for short-term projects, ad-hoc tasks, or situations where the scope of work may change over time.

Full Time Equivalent or Dedicated Resource:

For businesses that require dedicated, full-time resources to handle ongoing tasks or projects, the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) or Dedicated Resource model is ideal. It provides excellent value for businesses seeking dedicated support without the overhead of hiring full-time employees.

With this model, you have access to qualified, experienced, and supervised staff who work exclusively for your business.

This ensures continuity, consistency, and accountability in service delivery.

Fixed Fee Model for Offsite Dedicated Team:  

The Fixed Fee engagement model is suitable for specialized services or specific assignments that have well-defined scopes and deliverables.

Examples include Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Audit Support Services, Engagement Quality Review Services, or custom projects with certain quantum of work and clear deliverables and timelines.

Whatever the engagement model you chose, the cost saving will be up to 70% without any compromise over quality of the work.

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